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Join the decision makers at this pivotal moment in Brazil’s green energy industry and policy, gathering on 30th August - 1st of September 2022 during an exclusive three-day event, and be part of a historic net-zero transformation. 


Interested in the Brazil Green Energy Summit?

Why join now?

The Brazil Green Energy Summit is gathering the decision-makers driving Brazil’s green energy industry forward under an agenda that highlights the road to net-zero and the opportunities created for international companies, the local industry, funds and investors


Brazil’s energy industry is expanding thanks to the rising role and ROI of solar, wind and biomass projects, gathering international capital from companies looking to get involved in net-zero projects and partner with local companies.

Guided by green-oriented decision-makers and the country’s rising energy demand, the industry is turning towards renewable energy resources to meet this demand, and meet its commitment of reducing greenhouse emissions by 43% within this decade. 


In all respects, this transformation will be one of the most challenging feats that we will achieve, and it’s paramount that the work ahead is coordinated and accelerated. The summit is a unique opportunity to be part of the narrative and become a voice for net-zero.

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